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Artist Bio

Michael Monroe Ethridge is a long-time, passionate artist, well-known for his bold domain and use of color.  His art has been recognized and sought after by many international collectors.


Galleries in Santa Fe, Aspen, Sedona, Carmel, Boston, Houston and Naples have represented Michael’s art with high distinction.  Michael’s art has been featured on the Hollywood Big Screen and was well received on a 2015 tour of Europe.


As it is with any great artist, Michael is always looking for new forms to express art and transform normal into beautiful. Michael launched a new art trend; painted tables.  These modern tables are unique, hand created, very elegant pieces of art that are also functional and bring furniture to a new aesthetic level.  Enjoying coffee or tea will not be the same again after admiring Michael’s artful expression on your table.

The inspiration to take Michael’s art and use a table as his blank canvas came after being commissioned by the well-known Baldwin Piano Corporation to hand paint a series of grand pianos for them.  As an accomplished piano player himself, these painted pianos not only bring art to the ears but also to the eyes in an exquisite artistic fusion of music and paint. These pianos are part of Baldwin’s high-end and luxurious “Artist Series."  The first piano of this series is now being displayed in Shanghai, China.

Each table is an original masterpiece that deserves to be the focus of the room.  Hand-created, Michael carefully selects each aspect of the design, down to the size and shape of the top, the color palette, and of course, the individual creation of the artwork on the piece.  The result: an astounding piece of art that will be topic of conversation whenever you have guests in your home or business.